on assignment, Dubai

on assignment, Dubai

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Foreign investors jittery amid Myanmar refugee crisis

Western companies have been slow to exploit opportunities in Myanmar, with the upheavals in Rakhine state likely to further dampen their interest.more >

Iran and North Korea: why sanctions have worked to defuse one nuclear crisis but not the other

Sanctions helped to bring Tehran to the negotiating table, but those against Pyongyang may make it harder to resolve the North Korean crisis.more >

US conflict mineral rule under threat

A regulation credited with promoting greater supply chain transparency appears to have been weakened, and may eventually be repealed.more >

Trouble brewing for Saudi heir

As Mohammed bin Salman prepares for his ascent, he is facing growing discontent among members of the royal family and ordinary Saudis.more >

Turkey risks blowback with mooted Kurdistan sanctions

Cutting a Kurdish oil pipeline could undermine Turkish economic and security interestsmore >

Modi’s bumpy anti-corruption drive

The Indian premier’s attempt to tackle ‘black money’ and financial crime is proving controversial.more >

Brazil’s corruption scandals undercut promising privatisation, pension reform

With his reform programme under strain, President Temer is embarking on a big privatisation programme to promote growth. more >

Egypt’s economic recovery overshadowed by political turbulence

Investors are showing renewed interest in Egypt as economic reforms take effect, but the stability that underpins the turnaround is under strain.more >

Can the Philippines afford Duterte’s infrastructure spending spree?

Some fear huge construction programme aimed to boost employment and foreign investment could rack up unsustainable debts.more >

UK companies face export perils

Those who unwittingly flout anti-bribery laws and trade restrictions risk heavy fines and reputational damage.more >

Notes from the field

Our work takes us all over the world. Here we share some of our more personal perspectives on some of the destinations we have visited, filed on location.

Angola at the crossroads

Spend any time in Luanda, Angola’s bustling capital, and the first thing that hits you is the sharp disparities in wealth.

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18 Oct 2017
‘It’s difficult to guarantee forthcoming presidential election free, fair’ >
Wafula Chebukati , Chairman of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC),  said on Wednesday ahead of a repeat presidential poll on Oct. 26 that it was “difficult” to guarantee the...

Source: Vanguard

17 Oct 2017
International observers on Kyrgyzstan's presidential election >
Competitive Kyrgyzstan presidential election provides for orderly transfer of power, although cases of...

Source: OSCE